Self Serve Outdoor Payment Terminal Update

Yesterday, our network experienced an unprecedented system outage affecting the Outdoor Payment Terminals at our Self Serve network of sites. This outage was due to an unanticipated software issue from a third-party supplier. This incident had a significant impact, effectively rendering our Self Serve network non-operational.

In response to this incident, we are committed to not only investigating the root cause of the outage but also implementing safeguards to prevent similar disruptions in the future. As part of this commitment, we are exploring alternative and additional payment methods at all our sites to ensure the continued reliability and functionality of services for our customers.

We fully understand and acknowledge the frustration and inconvenience that this outage must have caused for our valued customers. Such an unexpected disruption to our services is highly regrettable, and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience experienced as a result.

Your understanding and patience as we work through this process is greatly appreciated.