How to Operate the NPD Payment Terminal

We’ve developed a step-by-step guide to help you use the payment terminals to pay for your fuel at our Self Serve sites.

We have these videos in 4 different languages – English, Chinese, German and Japanese. Click on the tabs to access your language.

How to use NPD payment terminal

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  • Pay at the terminal before you pump
  • Insert your card for payment
  • Select fuel or receipt – View our other video on how to get a receipt.
  • Enter your pump number
  • Press green circle button to continue
  • Select your fuel grade
  • Press ‘Continue’
  • Select your account – Cheque, Savings, or Credit
  • Enter your PIN number
  • Press green circle button to continue
  • Remove your card
  • Press green circle button to continue
  • Lift nozzle, begin fuelling
  • Return nozzle to pump

How to get a receipt from NPD payment terminal

  • Finish refuelling your vehicle and return nozzle to the pump.
  • Head over to the payment terminal
  • Insert the card you used for payment
  • Select Receipt
  • Remove your card
  • Your receipt will be printed
  • Take your receipt