Taupō’s First NPD Self Serve Site Is Now Open

Taupō welcomes its first NPD Self Serve site to the region. Conveniently located on the corner of Spa Road and Totara Street, NPD’s 7th North Island site is dedicated to providing the Taupō area with access to fairer fuel costs. “Our experience is that when we open a new site with our lower pump prices, it increases competition and brings a real benefit to motorists” says Chief Executive, Barry Sheridan. NPD’s Self Serve model is a strategy used to achieve this.

Proudly stocking one of NZ’s only high performance fuels, 100Plus High Octane Petrol, for drivers wanting enhanced power from their high performance engine. “Many modern cars benefit from higher-octane petrol and the special formulation in 100Plus also delivers a number of other benefits. These can include; improved fuel consumption, reduced emissions, extended shelf life and smoother engine operation ” Sheridan says. Learn more about NPD’s 100Plus High Octane Petrol. NPD Taupō also stocks Diesel, Premium 95 and Regular 91 fuels, as well as featuring a large weather protection canopy to keep you dry while you’re fueling up.

NPD Taupō is for all motorists and accepts all major credit cards, EFTPOS, and the NPD Fuel Card.

NPD has more than 100 sites nationwide, with more opening soon. Keep your eyes peeled for an NPD site coming to your neighborhood soon.