NPD Akaroa Motor Garage

Expect to see a couple of friendly new faces next time you go to fill up in Akaroa!

Chances are they will belong to Clint Beatson and his fiancé Nina Wright who have taken over the Akaroa Motor Garage and it’s busy NPD site.

Clint, who has 17 years in the car industry, says it will be very much business as usual.

“Brian and Patsy Little have done a fantastic job over the past 43 years and we’re not looking to make sweeping changes.”

“Initially we are focusing on getting to know the business, our customers and the Akaroa community,” adds Nina, who has a background in retail management and recruitment.

Their experienced team of workshop staff are staying on and will continue to provide a wide range of mechanical services, from tune-ups to repairs, working on everything from small motors, such as mowers and chainsaws, to cars and farm machinery.

“Aside from selling the great range of NPD petrol and diesel, we will continue to offer pretty much everything you’d expect from a motor garage,” says Clint, “including tyre services, wheel alignment, car batteries and other parts, as well as remaining a Husqvarna agent. We are also the local AA Roadservice contractor.”