Christchurch Welcomes Its 13th NPD Site to the City

NPD Brougham St is officially open in Christchurch. The growing demand for fairer fuel prices from the community was the catalyst for NPD’s 13th Christchurch’s site, and second Refresh Cafe. NPD’s Chief Executive, Barry Sheridan says that the goal is to bring lower fuel prices to NZ motorists and he is delighted to extend that opportunity to more members of the Christchurch community. “We are focused on developing a strong fuel network to support motorists throughout the South Island. We’re thankful for the support that NPD receives from South Island motorists and we look forward to continuing to provide excellent service with a strong value offering,” Sheridan says.

Conveniently located at 395 Brougham St, NPD’s latest South Island site features a car wash, self serve option, convenience store and Refresh Cafe for all of your road tripping and day-to-day needs.

NPD’s Refresh Cafes are proud to sell the mouthwateringly tasty Southern Crunch Chicken range. A selection of succulent and crunchy fried chicken available to purchase in a variety of popular packs or on their own. Regular Meal Deals are an in demand option due to their amazing value and great taste. Keep your eyes peeled in store and on NPD’s social media for updates on these great deals. Whether you’re popping in for a delicious barista made coffee to-go, enjoying a Big Crunch Pack in the cafe or getting lunch for the team, NPD Brougham St’s Refresh Cafe has you covered.

Featuring NPD’s specially formulated high octane performance fuel, 100Plus along with Diesel, Premium 95 and Regular 91 fuels. 100Plus is designed to bring NPD customers enhanced power from their high performance engine. It is one of the highest octane, road petrol products available in New Zealand. Delivering cleaner burning power and efficiency, and can improve throttle response from your engine.“Many modern cars benefit from higher-octane petrol and the special formulation in 100Plus also delivers a number of other benefits. These can include; improved fuel consumption, reduced emissions, extended shelf life and smoother engine operation” Sheridan says. Learn more about NPD’s 100Plus High Octane Petrol.